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by Jim ⌂ @, Russell, KY, Sunday, February 10, 2013, 06:40 (2386 days ago)

Hey all,

I just pushed the binary and source downloads for I have made a lot of changes and I hope it all works (crossed fingers, crossed eyes) :)

* The stamp rotation issue is fixed.

* All BASIC256 math statements now use c++ DOUBLES for calculations. The problems with integers becoming a twos compliment negative when exceeding 2.~e9 should be fixed. Large numbers in the range of +-1.7e+-308 should work now.

* Now that everything to the user is a double, scientific 'e' notation has also been added to the language. In this change I removed the DECIMAL statement as it made the code really complex.

* Line numbers in the editor and the current line being highlighted was also recently added.

* A couple of little memory leaks were identified in,3.

* Radix conversions tohex, fromhex, tobinary, frombinary, tooctal, fromoctal, and generic toradix, fromradix functions were also added to do type conversions.

Lots of stuff, lots of stuff to break. If you have ANY code that did work in previous versions that does not work now - LET ME KNOW.

I need to push this to 1.0 and slow down on the features so that I can get the second edition of my book written over the spring and summer. Test this really hard.

Let me know.

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