Color + Alpha is killing me.... (Language Help)

by UglyMike ⌂ @, Brussels, Monday, February 04, 2013, 21:43 (2422 days ago) @ Jim

Well, if the issue only pops up when using crazy big 'numbers' that are in fact more like a hexadecimal array (ie the 4 byte ARGB), maybe it would be simpler to allow easier base-2 and base-16 number handling. That way, you could let Pixel() return a eg. 0xff00ff00 for green, which is a lot easier to 'read' than -16711936. Of course, something like a shift-operand ( a la >> ) and simple bin2hex / dec2hex / bin2dec ... functions would be needed additions.... Just thinking ( hey, it would certainly solve my problem....)
Anyway, thanks as always for your prompt reactions to the issues I raise.

Kind regards,

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