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by Jim ⌂ @, Russell, KY, Saturday, December 29, 2012, 21:23 (2429 days ago) @ M Santos


As always your suggestions are helpful. I just released with the 'pt' documentation now included on the off-line and there are three new graphics statements (ARC, CHORD, and PIE) each draw parts of ellipses and circles. Check them out in the documentation and Examples.

On the stamps.. M... That might be interesting. I don;t want to clutter up the IDE but how about adding a section to the "stamp" documentation page where they can see images and the coordinated used to make them. That way they could copy and paste. If this is a much used and successful addition to the docs then we can look at a code "insertion" menu option with handy code bits.

I have tried to get the grid/ruler/linenumber thing using QT but it will take somebody with a lot more QT experience then me to do that. If anybody is interested - let me know.

There is not a standard QT library to create Animated GIFs. It would require a third-party library and a whole bunch of new statements. If you use the IMGSAVE statement you could easily save each slide to different file names and then use one of the easy tools to make your show. Not totally direct.

I appreciate the help with the "pt" documentation and am looking forward to seeing your teaching tools and sharing them with the community.

Happy Holidays.


Hi all

I'm feeling rather Christmasy so I made a wish list of ideas for the next year. They all have to do with the original idea of the program “Kids Basic” and Kids like pictures and especially colourful moving pictures. On that note I suggest:

Improve the forum by creating categories such as "simple programs" or "beginners", and allowing uploading pictures.

Possibility of drawing ovals and circle sections by extending the circle instruction.
circle x,y,r
circle x,y,stretch,r
circle x,y,stretch,section,r
circle x,y,stretch,section,rotation,r

Pre-defined stamps (on the menu) with automatic generated coordinates.

Optional grid and axis shown on the Graphics Window.

Possibility of generating animated GIFs, directly.

As usual I'm always willing to collaborate.


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