New Ideas (New Features)

by M Santos, Friday, December 28, 2012, 09:59 (2392 days ago)

Hi all

I'm feeling rather Christmasy so I made a wish list of ideas for the next year. They all have to do with the original idea of the program “Kids Basic” and Kids like pictures and especially colourful moving pictures. On that note I suggest:

Improve the forum by creating categories such as "simple programs" or "beginners", and allowing uploading pictures.

Possibility of drawing ovals and circle sections by extending the circle instruction.
circle x,y,r
circle x,y,stretch,r
circle x,y,stretch,section,r
circle x,y,stretch,section,rotation,r

Pre-defined stamps (on the menu) with automatic generated coordinates.

Optional grid and axis shown on the Graphics Window.

Possibility of generating animated GIFs, directly.

As usual I'm always willing to collaborate.


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