Need some advice as we move to 1.0 (Documentation Bugs and Problems)

by Jim ⌂ @, Russell, KY, Sunday, November 25, 2012, 19:19 (2431 days ago)

Hey everybody, I need some help and advice.

The database stuff has gone through a major update and hopefully has been debugged as of I will be using it in one of my classes with a room full of beta testers over the next few weeks.

The on-line documentation has been mostly (not completely) updated for all of the recent changes (including freefile, freenet, freedb, dbnull, ++, --, +=, ...). The EN pages on are the only ones being currently maintained.

We NEED help cleaning up the docs, adding examples to many statements, and working on the existing translations. Email me you "wiki" login and I will add you to the editors group. PLEASE...

The move to the WIKI a couple of years ago has allowed the documentation to stay more up to date and more of us to be involved in that part of the project.

Currently there is a BASIC256 program that will take the WIKI entries and make simple HTML pages that we are including as "off-line" help. This is a tedious process that does not happen very often, so that the off-line help is always out of date. Another issue is that each new revision of docuwiki that comes out includes new formatting and plugin features. Each time a new feature is used it must be manually programmed into the converter.

Is the off-line help important to keep or can we remove it from 1.0? If we do keep it, how do we maintain it?

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