raspberry pi computer + BASIC256 (New Features)

by Jim ⌂ @, Russell, KY, Saturday, December 10, 2011, 23:20 (2781 days ago) @ bulldog

Absolutely. I have been keeping my eye on the raspberry pi project for several months and as soon as I can get my hands on one... I will bet that somebody in the community will come up with a port, first.

The RPi supports QT and getting it to compile (with most of the features) should not be a major problem.


You have probably heard of the new computer coming out called the raspberry pi. The nonprofit organization that is making it has the same goal as BASIC256, namely to get kids to program again. There is quite an active forum at their website http://www.raspberrypi.org/ which languages would be good for the kids to start off with. There are several threads running on that topic. I would like to suggest to this BASIC community to make a big splash over there in their forums. I think that your language and that machine is a match made in heaven. I made a mention of your website on one forum and the first response was very favorable to your article "why johnny cant code" and your purposes in general. There are other folks in the forums that are favorable to BASIC, but not many. Most are pushing python, C, Alice, and other such things. I hope for your success.

On a similar note, I hope to buy a raspberry as soon as it comes out and put BASIC 256 on it. Unfortunately, my computer skills are very minimal. I hope that when it comes out, someone here will be able to make a step-by-step process to show me how to get BASIC256 on the machine.

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