Control JobStream BASH (Documentation Bugs and Problems)

by francisco, Sunday, June 10, 2018, 20:51 (597 days ago) @ DickStomp

I had the same problem. I added, at the beginning of each program, the lines:

system "ps -C basic256 -o start_time -o pid --sort start_time > basic-processes"
open 1, "basic-processes"
a$=readline (1)
w$ = explodex(a$,"[ ]* ") # explode separating by one or more blanks
until eof(1)
close 1

and, instead of the normal 'end', I put:

system "kill "+current_process

In this way, you can be programming with the Basic256 interpreter while launching your batches with Basic256 programs and everything works fine.


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