Control JobStream BASH (Documentation Bugs and Problems)

by DickStomp ⌂ @, Europe Netherlands Sassenheim, Friday, February 17, 2017, 21:27 (1075 days ago)

I build some jobstreams for bookkeeping
containing several steps
1) concat records of the bank BASH
2) convert records of the bank BASIC256
3) add costinfo to records BASIC256
4) sort records cost & date BASH
5) summing up records at cost BASIC256
6) formatting records for print BASIC256
7) print records with LibreOffice Writer
Problem is that the JOB Monthly Report stops after each BASIC256 program, waiting for me!
Then I have to close the BASIC256 with Alt+F4 to give control to BASH Job Stream that starts next step.
Is there another way to continue after ending the BASIC256??

it must be possible...

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