Next BIG improvement - Need Input before I Jump (New Features)

by igendel ⌂ @, Thursday, November 26, 2015, 01:20 (1519 days ago) @ Jim

Hello Jim,

I came here initially to say a big thank you for this wonderful IDE. I moved to other languages myself a long time ago, but I'm using Basic256 to try and teach some programming basics to my children. Also, since I'm involved with the Maker crowd, I see Basic256 as a great way for beginners to build some PC-side applications, e.g. for Arduino projects; this is something I'm going to pursue soon, after I explore the OpenSerial command a little further.

As a side note, an updated Linux version that works on Raspberry Pi would be absolutely cool. Maybe I did something wrong, but last time I tried, the IDE crashed whenever the code attempted to handle a decimal-point value... (the latest Raspbian, installation using apt-get install basic256, Pi model B [not 2])

Since I'm already here, I'll join UglyMike in supporting the Variant way. As much as I like strong-typed languages, DIM will be a step too far backwards in this day and age.

All the best,

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