Incorrect info on the help documentation. (Documentation Bugs and Problems)

by Joseph_f2, Monday, March 23, 2015, 20:05 (1769 days ago)

The info on is incorrect, it says that spritePlace takes the any of these args:

spriteplace sprite_number, x_expr, y_expr
spriteplace (sprite_number, x_expr, y_expr)

spriteplace sprite_number, x_expr, y_expr, scale_expr
spriteplace (sprite_number, x_expr, y_expr, scale_expr)

spriteplace sprite_number, x_expr, y_expr, scale_expr, rotate_expr
spriteplace (sprite_number, x_expr, y_expr, scale_expr, rotate_expr)

These args are in the wrong order, spritePlace takes the args in the order: x_expr, y_expr, rotate_expr, scale_expr

scale_expr and rotate_expr are the ones not in the right order.

I tested this in the BASIC IDE.

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