What is wrong with BASIC256, Windows version? (Documentation Bugs and Problems)

by cub256, Sunday, February 15, 2015, 20:27 (1802 days ago)


what is wrong with BASIC256, Windows version? I am using it on Windows 8, 64bit.

Many programs run ok, e.g., 99bottles (rosetta code), pacman (Pac Man - M Santos, 2015-02-15, 08:59) BUT, in my hands:

* traffic.kbs (http://www.basicbook.org/Games) has non-movable cars, mouse clicks won't work (but they do with BASIC256 version

* spritepaddle.kbs (from the book, 2nd ed., see also thread Ch 12-Paddleball program from book - kbauch, 2015-01-29, 21:29 below). The STRANGE THING IS, when I insert 'wavplay "hit.wav"' as first program line, the program WORKS! Very strange indeed!

Can anybody helpe?



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