How can I change the speaker voice for the command "say"? (Language Help)

by cub256, Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 17:41 (1834 days ago) @ cub256

Ok, I find the sound tab in BASIC256 version for windows from (Win32_Install.exe), and it works on my Windows 8 beautifully!

But with your ppa-version BASIC256 on my Ubuntu 14.04, the sound tab is there, too, simple "say" statements work, but other programs that run well with the windows version or with Ubuntu's own lower version do not run at all, e.g.,

from RosettaCode, or minesweeper or game of life.

I tried to build, e.g., version for Ubuntu from sourceforge, but I cannot find any configure file in the unpacked archive :-(

What can I do to get a "preferences > sound" version of BASIC256 for Ubuntu 14.04?



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