How can I change the speaker voice for the command "say"? (Language Help)

by cub256, Thursday, January 08, 2015, 17:19 (1842 days ago)


how can I change the speaker voice for the command "say" from English to German; I mean change the voice so that it does pronounce text like an German would pronounce it - especially numbers like, say, 1 or 59 - and not like an Englishman?

I am using BASIC256 from BASIC256- on Windows 8 (German Windows installation). I myself have no problem with English, but my grandson who just started learning English at school would like to hear German.

Why do I think that the voice settings can be changed?

* 1 * During one of my tinkerings with installing different versions of BASIC256, the command "say" produced definitely a soft female voice speaking French instead of the usual English. However, I could not reproduce it :-(

* 2 * If I start windows narrator on my Win8 system, it is a female voice speaking German.

* 3 * In C:\Program Files (x86)\BASIC256\espeak-data\voices I see files such as "de", "en" or "fr". >>> How can I set one of these as default for BASIC256? <<<



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