explode "x,y","a,b","m,n" (Documentation Bugs and Problems)

by DickStomp2 @, NL- SASSENHEIM, Thursday, October 09, 2014, 20:53 (1801 days ago) @ Jim

explode (stuff$, '","')
gives an error even with (stuff$, "","")
according to your documentation

Indeed the dirty way, but not effective
There is a conversion within LibreOffice Calc that that strange format rebuilds; unstring on comma with respect to pairs of chr(64)! Excellent.

Better is to wait for the new SWIFT record layouts MT940 and MT942
They will be obliged as from 2015-01-01
I expect that a lot of amateur stuff from the past is corrected...
Quotation marks as text delimiter, that's old...

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