explode "x,y","a,b","m,n" (Documentation Bugs and Problems)

by DickStomp ⌂ @, Europe Netherlands Sassenheim, Tuesday, October 07, 2014, 20:33 (1803 days ago) @ DickStomp
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Download records of the banks are using this format.
Looking at LibreOffice I found solutions:
1) using LibreOffice, with chr(34) as text-delimiter switched ON, generates a new file with embedded commas between two "double-quotes" (like MSAccess)
2) using Basic256 explode on ","; second routine searching for strings without chr(34) on the end and adding next field to that; otherwise doing nothing than giving output
3) using Basic256 scanning for chr(34)+","+chr(34) and exploding on that combination

I'm still looking for the best solution...

PS I'm back in the sixties with COBOL,I like it...!

it must be possible...

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