Version for Raspberry Pi (Program Bug and Problems)

by UglyMike ⌂ @, Brussels, Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 11:12 (2039 days ago) @ Ken Holmes


The issue here is that "penwidth" is a command that was added AFTER whatever version you are running on Raspberry Pi. (it was added in v.

I don't know what the latest version is one can currently install (or compile) on the Raspberry Pi.

In this thread, Jim gives some commands for installing Basic256 from the Wheezy repositories. As he says, it is missing some commands. (That was 2 years ago... No idea if Wheezy was updated since then) You can of course try to go the same way or try compiling it yourself. Here's the link:

Of course, Raspberry Pi, great as it is, does have a rather anemic performance. Even if you get my programs to run on a more recent Basic256 on the Pi, the performance would be nothing to write home about. I do however agree that it is a great learning tool although Python might be better since learning programming through Baic is rather frowned upon... :-)

Have fun with Basic256 AND Raspberry Pi, 2 great projects from great people!

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