Can't get SAY to work (Program Bug and Problems)

by Hans Linkels @, Thursday, January 20, 2011, 01:30 (3292 days ago) @ Hans Linkels

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your answer.

I see a few issues:
- currently both espeak and flite are installed, although I am sure I did testing with only one of the two installed, just cannot remember which I installed first. I ĺl repeat that.

I had eflite uninstalled.

- the espeak development files are not installed, everything else is.

I installed the espeak dev files. No SAY

- I did not compile myself but used a pre-compiled Debian package. Compiling in Debian requires some more work to do it debian-correct.

Tried to compile from source. Installed a number of additional source packages to make it compile correctly. Compiled. Run. No SAY :(

Is there any flag I can set so debug statements appear on the command line when I start the app from a terminal. I mean application debug, not Basic debug.

BTW, this happens on 2 different machines, both running Debian Unstable. Any libraries/versions I should check?

Thanks for any help you can provide. Getting SAY to work has more or less become my mission in life for the next few days.



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