How to define the leng of a variable when write or writeline (Language Help)

by Atonau ⌂ @, Chile, Tuesday, August 02, 2011, 23:23 (2944 days ago) @ jwc3119

looks like could be used.... as idea....

in a loop (if input=No... stops)
the variable a$ has a length of x
x is different in each loop... are names of people...
i can define a max lenght...
if length name is shorter than my defined max lengh... i can add as many " " (nul spaces) as neede to achieve the defined max lengh

it will make the names used the same amount of cols in the txt output file... so when read again by other program... in basic... the next variable will be allways in the same col...

name answer
Stwart Do Little abcccdeedaabccda
Caroline bbbcccdcdcdcdeee
Federich aaaaabbbaccdcdce

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