strings as arrays (New Features)

by koscianski, Wednesday, March 05, 2014, 22:35 (1998 days ago) @ Jim

Thank you so much for your fast answer!

I figured out how to play with strings the way I wanted to.
It's quite simple:

aux$ = explode (s$, "")
.. access individual characters in aux$[i] ..
s$ = implode (aux$)

And voilĂ .
There's no need to touch anything in Basic 256.

This little twist is by no means a real problem.
On the contrary: the language keeps consistent.
Strings and arrays remain different things.

I never thought of writing s$[3] = "abc" where s$ isn't an array.
Implementing my request could open the way for confusion:
two meanings for the same symbol [].
It seems better to rule this possibility out.

Thanks again. And, I'll be glad to share details about
the course, in 1 or 2 months I'll have more info.

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