strings as arrays (New Features)

by Jim ⌂ @, Russell, KY, Wednesday, March 05, 2014, 15:19 (1998 days ago) @ koscianski

Thinking about your request has opened up several little issues. BASIC-256 does not have the concept of a 'x' char like c does. What would the behavior a$[6] = "abcde" do? Insert replacing one char (at 6) or replace 5 chars starting at 6? I believe either way would be confusing.

I have looked at the MID statement in other BASICS and find it confusing but doable. Making it work like VB6 or GWBASIC would be very possible. Would that be a solution for you?

Let me think about array indexing a string variable. It might not be as difficult as my first thought.

Would love to know more about how you are using this in your University. I have been teaching an intro class using BASIC-256 then moving to VB.NET for several years. It seems successful.


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