strings as arrays (New Features)

by koscianski, Wednesday, March 05, 2014, 11:16 (1998 days ago)
edited by koscianski, Wednesday, March 05, 2014, 11:22

Hi. Congratulations for the tool.
Would you consider (please) indexing individual characters of strings?
I'll explain.
I'm going to use basic 256 for introductory programming, in a undergraduate course. We will open the semester with Basic and end it with C (I've done that before).
Basic256 is a marvelous tool.
Now, allowing thing as

if a$[3] = 'a'
or, to avoid messing up with arrays,
if a$(3) = 'a'

opens a myriad of possibilities of useful exercises of increasing difficulty.
The goal is to keep students highly focused and motivated, something much much harder to do using Fibonacci and his friends. That's also why graphics are great, but they have their own place in the course sequence.
I built a similar tool myself 10 years ago, using Borland C++ and a recursive parser (no lex/yacc), but I simply lost the code; it was not as complete as Basic 256. Great tool
I downloaded your code, but I gave up diving into the source, installing Qt & etc.
I'll use it anyway, but I do miss string indexing.

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