teach me please dood! (New Features)

by wey everydood:) ⌂ @, whatever heh:P, Wednesday, March 05, 2014, 07:00 (1998 days ago)

wey everydood, names ola, im tha bigest vgames addicted, so wanna learn everythin related to tha vgames world! ive realize that tha best ways to startin is learnin how to speak with mine comp:P, so teach me dood:), ive finished 4 tut on tha site board, so whats next dood? teach me more please:)
anyho mine english**'s suck, so excuse mi badly word please, or ill cryin loud dood!

dood$ = "greetin from somewhere around tha dot's"
print dood$

;copy :)dood:)

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