resizegraphics.kbs triggered window sizing flaws (Program Bug and Problems)

by JD Baker, Saturday, February 22, 2014, 05:10 (2190 days ago)

I am getting into all kinds of mess with the
resizegraphics.kbs from the pdf book:
So You Want to Learn to Program?

If you maximize the Basic256 window on your desktop before you
load the program; then when you run it and it resizes the graphics
window the entire Basic256 window skids down and to the right. This
is often permanent and the program must be restarted to fix it. The
drag bar no longer works on the Basic256 window!

So I started to play with the windows. If you turn off all the windows
then resizegraphics.kbs runs nice. But you can never get the windows
back into the original configuration. The text edit window gets broken.
It will not auto resize right. The graphics window seems stuck at 500,500.

The best I have been able to do is to dislocate both the graphics and text
window and then anchor them on top of each other at the top. Then a tabbed
display results! Which is cool, but sadly I can't get the edit window to
participate in this tabbed behavior. It auto resizes to the bottom of the
screen. Then when resizegraphics is run the edit window again gets broken.
It gets very thin. Basic256 must be shutdown and restarted to recover.
The graphics window and the text window still are tab selectable. However
the graphics windows seems to be stuck at 500,500. I tried adding a resize
graphics window to 300,300 but it does not get smaller.

To summarize, if you resize the graphics window bigger than it's default
the Basic256 programs windowing system seems to get broken in ways that
render the edit window unusable until Basic256 is restarted.
If you resize the entire Basic256 window to bigger than it's default
run size then the Basic256 containing window gets broken by a shift
down and to the right (compared to the whole desktop) that can't be
recovered from with out a restart.

IF you never resize the Basic256 window bigger than it's run time default
size, and you shut off the edit and text windows before you resize the
graphics window bigger then running program works fine and all is well BUT
you can never get the edit window working right if you switch it back on.

It would be nice if there was an exit program command. Quit, halt, or some
such. Or if the -r command line would exit on end. Then you could force a
restart to "fix" the windows problems on program exit. Otherwise a graphics
window expansion returns the user to a broken windowing system on end.

I do not have access to another Linux machine to see if this is a Linux Mint
only problem.

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