Rounding numbers? (Release Announcements)

by Aaron @, United States, Tuesday, November 19, 2013, 14:46 (2283 days ago)

Rounding numbers:

How do i get a number to be rouded up at .5 or higer and rounded down at .4 or less

I tried Ceil and Floor one rounds down absolutely and the other round up absolutely

I even tried using both calculated to a variable and the dived the two seperate results how ever this failed and still produced decimals sometimes. I am usually good at thinking outside the box, but this has me stumped. maybe it is in the manual and i missed the function?

is there a way to do it? if not my program i am making will be completely useless as it will not have correct values?

here is my program which is a calculation of miles per hour converted to meter per round(1 round = 12 seconds) its for a role playing game.

rem mph to combat round move meters. not correct redo
print " miles per hour "
input mph

mpr = mph * 5.36

mps = mpr
mpm = mps * 2
mpf = mpm * 2
mpvf = mpf * 2
print " Meters Per Round(Slow) " + mps
print " Meters Per Round(medium) " + mpm
print " Meters Per Round(fast) " + mpf
print " Meters Per Round(very fast) " + mpvf

maybe someone can help
Thanks in advance

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