Consistent crash when starting very long program (Program Bug and Problems)

by Frederick Weld @, Thursday, September 26, 2013, 07:45 (2338 days ago) @ Frederick Weld

----* I've seen some hard constants / restrictions there (2000 vars, 1000 ifs)

----* But I haven't found any restriction that explains the symptoms (removing sufficient empty lines / comments leads to no crash)

By having edited the .y file, I can now confirm that these restrictions are not the cause of the crash:

* The same symptom appears, even if setting aforementioned constants to high numbers and even setting the initial alloc to very high levels (>>1024).

* The crash is due to "segmentation fault" (that is only visible when starting basic256 from the command line). I presume that some pointer value is corrupted. But based on the code, I cannot identify how this could happen.


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