Consistent crash when starting very long program (Program Bug and Problems)

by UglyMike ⌂ @, Brussels, Monday, September 23, 2013, 13:23 (2341 days ago) @ Frederick Weld

Apparently not the first time this was stumbled upon....

Strange, cause by copying/pasting sets of subroutines multiple times and also copying/pasting while loops in the main program, I can go to 10000 lines/400K without any issue. Even adding 600 long-named variables in the 10000 line program does not give issues here. I doubt that the LEX/YACC parser can identify the 'dummy' code & vars. Maybe it is not so much the amount of code but the combination of size and other resource requirements that is the issue (stack space, variables, strings, arrays, memory space due to too many/too great constructs or program size etc.)
No idea really.... We'll have to wait for Jim...
BTW, I'm running this on a Win7 at work (hence the Portable version....)

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