Consistent crash when starting very long program (Program Bug and Problems)

by Frederick Weld @, Monday, September 23, 2013, 12:06 (2341 days ago) @ UglyMike

Hi Mike,

apparently, my situation is not as lucky as yours for my 180kb kbs file:
- basic256 crashes 10 times out of 10 (both windows/linux).
- basic256 reports an empty line syntax error 10 times out of 10 (linux).

The only means of averting the crash ( or the error ( is to reduce the program size (fewer lines or shorter variable names).

As a remark, I began running into minor issues (minor meaning inconsistent as for you) from the filesize of 150kb on.

To the developers:
As this is clearly a parsing/validation issue, its root cause is either a bug in LEX/YACC (unlikely?) or within their configuration (grammar, callback?, etc).

Since my kbs project is now completely stalled, I would really appreciate if you could have a look at it.

Thanks in advance,

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