Issue with spriteslice? (Sample Programs)

by UglyMike ⌂ @, Brussels, Thursday, September 12, 2013, 12:11 (2352 days ago) @ UglyMike

Hmmmm.... Just found what seems like a bug in my Aqua Toolkit Demo program. :-(
To overwrite things on the Toolkit Demo screens, I do a spriteslice of the area I will want to hide/overwrite and a spriteplace/spriteshow when I want to do it. (in the old one, I just needed to put a rectangle in the BG color...) Each tab has its own sprite. (Check= 2 / Radio = 3, Slide = 4) If you run them in sequence, no issue. However if you jump from Slide back to Check, when I want to clear the previous message with a 'spriteplace 2/spriteshow 2', it seems that the sprite 4 gets dumped to the screen erasing the checkboxes/radioboxes. In fact several of the sprites seem to be dumped to the screen when doing a spriteshow x, although my tests are somewhat inconclusive here... Is it a bug or am I using spriteslices wrong?

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